This is a place where butter is praised
as much as gOOD VEGGIES.

Where a five ingredient dinner gets
just as many high fives as a five hour pie.
This is a collection of all the recipes
I've fed to my loved ones,
whether at a candle-lit table
or out of a plastic quart container. 

image by  chris delorenzo

This is not YOUR typical food blog.

I'm calling this a recipe index.
an ever-evolving collection of all the things
I love to make.
Both healthy and indulgent.
just recipes, no extra fluff.
This is a place for me to rebirth
all of my food-stained,
hand-written recipes
stuck in a tattered notebook. 


"FIrst we eat, then we do everything else." - M.F.k. fisher

my career in nyc began in food and beverage
marketing and event planning.
that desk job morphed into culinary school
and the restaurant // catering scene.
which brought me to the test kitchen at
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.
which turned into editorial work
with publications like short stack editions 
and others like thefeedfeed.
which led me to my current position as
a recipe developer at plated.
and a chef instructor at
places like the brooklyn kitchen and cookspace.

i do a range of freelance work
from recipe development
to private chef work and
personalized cooking classes.
my recent interests include
making ceramics,
curating playlists to cook to
and hosting frequent dinner parties
to test new dishes on friends. 

I'm always on the hunt
to continue learning
and feeding people.