This is a place where butter is praised
as much as green juice.

Where a five ingredient dinner gets
just as many high fives as a five hour pie.
This is a collection of all the recipes
that have given me life
over the years.

photo by wes jones 

photo by wes jones 

This is not a food blog.

This is a recipe index.
This is an ever-evolving collection of all the things I love to make.
Both healthy and indulgent.
This is a place for me to put all the food-stained,
hand-written recipes I've developed.

"FIrst we eat, then we do everything else." - M.F.k. fisher

my career began in food and beverage marketing & event planning.
that desk job morphed into culinary school
and the restaurant // catering scene.
which evolved into editorial work
with publications like short stack editions 
and others like thefeedfeed.
which led me to my current position
as a chef instructor at the brooklyn kitchen

i do a range of freelance work - food styling, writing and recipe development.
along with private chef work and private cooking classes // dinner series.
i'm always on the hunt to continue learning
and over-feeding people.