Homemade Soft Pretzels

Soft, chewy, buttery NYC street-style pretzels - just way better.

Fear not, these pretzels are so much easier to make than you think. You'll need to set aside an hour to let the dough proof but other than that, it's a quick road to the best soft pretzels ever.


 Disclaimer: I recommend using a stand mixer and a scale for this recipe!

- 4g (1.5 tsp) active dry yeast
- 16g (4 tsp) granulated sugar
- 575g (about 4.5 cups) all purpose flour
- 1.5 tsp salt
- 30g (2 tbsp) melted butter (plus extra for brushing) 
- 12g (1.5 tsp) honey
- flaky salt, like Maldon, or pretzel salt

1. Combine 1.5 cups of warm water (about 110 degrees) with yeast and sugar in the bowl of a stand mixer. Let it sit until foamy, about 10 minutes. 

2. Add flour, salt, butter and honey to the bowl. Knead with the dough hook until it's smooth and elastic. Take the dough out, sprinkle it with a little flour and knead it a few times on a clean surface. Spray the stand mixer bowl with pam or wipe it down with olive oil. Place dough inside and cover it with plastic wrap. Let it proof in a warm environment for about an hour, or until it's doubled in size.

3. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Cut, roll and shape dough into pretzels (or knots or sticks... YouTube is your best friend for ideas and how-tos here).

4. Bring a large pot of water to a boil, and add baking soda - about 10 cups of water for every 2/3 cup of baking soda. Bathe shaped pretzels in baking soda water for 30 seconds each. Remove from the water, transfer to a baking sheet and sprinkle with flaky salt. 

5. Bake pretzels for about 12-15 minutes, or until golden. I like to flip my baking sheet around halfway through baking time.

6. Remove from oven and brush with extra melted butter. dip in melted cheese or spicy mustard and enjoy!