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Classes by shanna cooper

invite only private cooking classes in brooklyn, taught by shanna cooper. 
to be added to the list:

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Please specify the style of cooking classes you're interested in
please specify any specific skills, techniques or styles of food you're focused on learning
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How do I sign up for a class?
fill out the form above and you'll be added to the email list. every few months we'll send an email inviting you to upcoming classes.

may I invite friends to take classes?
of course! friends, colleagues and family attending classes is encouraged. please note:
-- if you would like to invite others to sign up for classes (not necessarily to take those classes with you) please share this page with them and make sure they put your name as the referral.
-- if you would like to take a class with a +1 or a group of friends, when you receive the class schedule emails please let us know who you plan to take the class with so we can ensure you're together. 

How much is each class?
prices vary per class, ranging from $60 - $90 per person. class payment must be made through venmo or in cash (exact change) upon arrival.

what if I'm running late to class?
Please don't be late. If you're late, we'll start without you and you'll have to pick up from wherever we are in the class when you arrive. We highly encourage you to arrive on time!

What if I have to cancel last minute?
because seats are limited, If you no show/cancel without 72 hours advanced notice, you will still be responsible for the class payment in full. 

how long is each class?
each class is typically scheduled for two hours. There will be approximately 60-90 minutes of hands-on learning and cooking, and 30-60 minutes to dine at the end - a meal prepared from class. 

may i bring my own alcohol for class?
there will always be an alcohol pairing provided with class - wine, beer or cocktails - approximately two drinks per person. however, we encourage you to bring your own alcohol, especially if you have a particular taste or drink quantities like my boyfriend does. 

how many people are in each class?
each class will have six students. our goal is for students to leave with both new skills and new homies.

how do i know the menu for class? do we get the recipes learned in class?
if you receive a spot in an upcoming class, you will receive an email with the class menu, skills learned, venue location etc. 
after each class, you will be emailed the recipes made and the music played. 

do you teach private classes/private events?
yes, I teach both private classes and private events. please email with your request. we provide discounted group rates and customizable menus for parties over six.

do you take specific class requests?
absolutely. please specify what you're looking to learn in the request section above and we will do our best to accommodate.

what if I have food allergies?
we accommodate for all food allergies. When your seat has been secured and we contact you with the class menu and location, we will ask for all food allergies and make adjustments as needed.

If you have questions, comments, concerns or ideas please email us at: